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Saving the world, starting with Scallops!

This project was the initial driving force behind LMP and why we begun our journey.

Our Scallop enhancement project so far, has had 2 full seasons of development, and with  the help of organisations such as Science for Nature, Waiheke Marine Project, Auckland University, this current year produced thousands of scallop spat, as well as a hand-full of horse-mussel spat (Science for Nature funded study).

The Horse-mussels will continue to be monitored in a controlled marine setting by Auckland University to help understand this depleting species. 

The scallops have been released back into the ocean (April/May 2023) as they have reached a size, we think is robust enough to survive outside in the wild. They have been re-visited twice to date and are doing really well, doubling in size. We estimate that the increased survival rate of scallops has been approximately 60-70% compared to spat in the wild. 

Going forward.... Now that we have completed this second year of Scallop spat success, we look towards similar, larger scale methods  to really start making an impact on Scallop populations in the wild.


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